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What is a attendence?
  1. Attendence is used to record your presence for an event/classes such as in schools, work, etc.
  2. This will give how many events/classes you are attending and absent.
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  1. Check the required perecentage default is 75%.
  2. Then give total number of classes that are conducted.
  3. After that give total number of classes you are present.
  4. Click on calculate then it will show you the desired result.
Why choose our tool?
  1. Get your attendence calaclation and its details very fastly with this tool.
  2. We provide Implementation codes and examples with different programing languages.
  3. Securely generate your attendence by our tool.
  4. Your input data is not stored in our servers in any way while using this tool and you data is generated locally and no one will see expect you. Your privacy matter's the most to us.
  5. Expericence our newly designed, upgraded and easy-to-use version 3 tools.
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Implement your own Attendence Calculator tool with our libray for free. Refer the implemtation code using js, jquery, php, and python to use the library.

  1. Used for: Attendence Calculator
  2. Developer: BMR ONLINE TOOLS
  3. Version: 3
  4. Model: 1.0.0
  5. Available in: JavaScript, jQuery
  6. Script Tag(JS): <script async src=""></script>
  7. Script Tag(jQuery): <script async src=""></script>


This Attendence Calculator tool uses Version 3 Software.

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These Attendence Calculator tool will not collect any user's data into our database or servers. Your data is fully secure and does not stored to us in any way. This is a fully secure platform, you can freely use the tools, and the user's privacy is most important to us.

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