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What is HEX?

Learn about the HEX Enocoder/Decoder

  1. HEX also known as hexadecimal or base16 encoding.
  2. HEX is a method of representing binary data in a human-readable format.
  3. Each hexadecimal digit represents four bits of binary data, making it a more compact representation than binary.
  4. Example: "1" this number is encoded into "31" and "31" is decoded into "1".

About the HEX Encoder/Decoder Tool

Learn about our HEX Encoder/Decoder Tool

  1. This is tool is able to encode and decode your input data by using HEX algorithm.
  2. You can encode and decode any input data in the format.
  3. You can't decode the data we fetch the orignal matched data of the encoded data.
  4. You have many export options to export your data in image, text, file and email formats.
  5. Your data input is not stored in our servers in any manner.

Learn how to implement HEX Encode.

Implementing Using JS

Using JS Using jQuery Using PHP Using Python

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Minify Your Code


Learn about our Encoder/Decoder Tool Version 3.

Encode button encodes the given input into encoded format.

Decode button encodes the given input into decoded format.

Click or any of the buttons to enable auto mode.

To download the encoded or decoded code, click on the download button.

You can also generate and download image and pdf files for the encoded or decoded code.

To share the encoded or decoded code, copy the code by clicking the button Copy.

To clear the input field immediately after your work is done, we provide a clear option to clear your input and output data.

The input you give are not stored in any manner while you make any use of this tool. This is a fully secure platform; you can freely use the tools, and the user's privacy is most important to us.

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