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Convert to text to different case formats

Sentence Case Lower Case Upper Case Capitalized Case Alternating Case Title Case Inverse Case
What is a Text Case?

A Text case is a form of how you represent your text case. They are different cases that are used in text to represent. We use them to form words, sentences, paragraphs, and more.

Here are some of the text cases that are commonly required and used

Text Case Example
Original Text This is a Sample Text
Lowercase this is a sample text
Title Case This Is A Sample Text
Capitalized Case This Is A Sample Text
Alternative Case tHiS Is a sAmPlE tExT
Inverse Case tHIS IS A sAMPLE tEXT
Sentence Case This is a sample text
How does our tool work? LEARN MORE
  1. Enter your data in the input field
  2. Extract the data from url and files as needed from the options provided at the input field
  3. Our tool will converts to different case format as you choose the case method
  4. Change the mode to view the character count stats
  5. Use our export tools to export the conversion to other platforms quickly and easily
Why choose our tool?
  1. Convert to different text case formats by giving input data, extracting data from URLs and files.
  2. We provide Implementation codes and examples with different programing languages.
  3. Securely converts your data by our tool.
  4. Your input data is not stored in our servers in any way while using this tool and you data is converted locally and no one will see expect you. Your privacy matter's the most to us.
  5. Expericence our newly designed, upgraded and easy-to-use version 3 tools.
Implementing Using JS
Using JS Using jQuery Using PHP Using Python


Implement your own Case Converter tool with our libray for free. Refer the implemtation code using js and jquery to use the library.

A total of 7 Case Converter Tools are present in this library.

  1. Used for: Text Case Conversion
  2. Developer: BMR ONLINE TOOLS
  3. Total Case Converters: 7
  4. Version: 3
  5. Model: 1.0.0
  6. Available in: JavaScript, jQuery
  7. Script Tag: <script async src="https://online-tools.bmreducation.com/lib/text-case/v3.1.0.0.js"></script>
  8. Script Tag: <script async src="https://online-tools.bmreducation.com/lib/text-case/v3.jquery.1.0.0.js"></script>

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All of our Text Tools uses Version 3 Software.

Enter your data in the input field or extract data from url or from files.

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