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What is Url?
  1. URL encoding is the process of converting special characters and non-ASCII characters into a format that can be safely used within a URL.
  2. This encoding is necessary because URLs are designed to only accept a limited set of characters.
  3. URL encoding ensures that any special or reserved characters, such as spaces or symbols, are properly represented in a URL.
  4. Here is a full list of URL Encoding Table
Character URL Encoded
! %21
" %22
# %23
$ %24
% %25
& %26
' %27
( %28
) %29
* %2A
+ %2B
, %2C
/ %2F
: %3A
; %3B
< %3C
= %3D
> %3E
? %3F
@ %40
[ %5B
\ %5C
] %5D
^ %5E
_ %5F
` %60
{ %7B
| %7C
} %7D
~ %7E
How does our tool work? LEARN MORE
  1. Enter your data in the input field
  2. Extract the data from url and files as needed from the options provided at the input field
  3. Our tool will automatically encodes and decodes your input data securely by using the Url encoding and decoding methods.
  4. Change the mode from encode to decode as needed
  5. Use our export tools to export the conversion to other platforms quickly and easily
  6. Example: "/" this symbol is encoded into "%2F" and "%2F" is decoded into "/".
Why choose our tool?
  1. Apart from encoding/decoding we provide converstion from url and files
  2. We provide Implementation codes and examples with different programing languages.
  3. Securely converts your data by our tool.
  4. Your input data is not stored in our servers in any way while using this tool and you data is converted locally and no one will see expect you. Your privacy matter's the most to us.
  5. Expericence our newly designed, upgraded and easy-to-use version 3 tools.
Implementing Using JS
Using JS Using jQuery Using PHP Using Python

Library - V3-1.0.0 Available

Implement your own Encoding/Decoding tool with our libray for free. Refer the implemtation code using js and jquery to use the library.

A total of 10 Encoding/Decoding Tools are present in this library.

  1. Used for: Encoding/Decoding
  2. Developer: BMR ONLINE TOOLS
  3. Total algorithms: 10
  4. Version: 3
  5. Model: 1.0.0
  6. Available in: JavaScript
  7. Script Tag(JS): <script async src="https://online-tools.bmreducation.com/lib/encode-decode/v3.1.0.0.js"></script>
  8. Script Tag(jQuery): <script async src="https://online-tools.bmreducation.com/lib/encode-decode/v3.jquery.1.0.0.js"></script>

Encode or Decode your data using our ascii tool.
Encode or Decode your data using our base32 tool.
Encode or Decode your data using our base58 tool.
Encode or Decode your data using our base64 tool.
Encode or Decode your data using our hex tool.
Encode or Decode your data using our html tool.
Encode or Decode your data using our idn tool.
Encode or Decode your data using our unicode tool.

All of our Encoding/Decoding Tools uses Version 3 Software.

Encode button encodes the given input into encoded format.

Decode button encodes the given input into decoded format.

Click or any of the buttons to enable auto mode.

To download the encoded or decoded code, click on the download button.

You can also generate and download image and pdf files for the encoded or decoded code.

To share the encoded or decoded code, copy the code by clicking the button Copy.

To clear the input field immediately after your work is done, we provide a clear option to clear your input and output data.

This Enocoder/Decoder tool will not collect any user's data into our database or servers. Your data is fully secure and does not stored to us in any way. This is a fully secure platform, you can freely use the tools, and the user's privacy is most important to us.

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