Temperature Converter using Celsius (°C)
Conversion Name Converted values Conversion Values for 1 °C
Fahrenheit 0 F 33.80 F
Kelvin 0 K 274.15 K
Rankine 0 °R 493.47 °R
Conversion Formulas for Celsius (°C)
Conversion Name Formula
Celsius to Fahrenheit Fahrenheit (F) = Celsius (°C) * 9/5 + 32
Celsius to Kelvin Kelvin (K) = Celsius (°C) + 273.15
Celsius to Rankine Rankine (°R) = (Celsius (°C) + 273.15) * 9/5

What is Celsius (°C)?

The Celsius scale, also known as the Centigrade scale, is a temperature scale commonly used around the world for everyday temperature measurements. It is named after the Swedish astronomer and physicist Anders Celsius. The Celsius scale divides the range between the freezing and boiling points of water into 100 equal parts.

On the Celsius scale, the freezing point of water is defined as 0 degrees Celsius (°C) and the boiling point of water is defined as 100 °C, both at standard atmospheric pressure. These reference points make it convenient to measure temperatures within the everyday range.

The Celsius scale is widely used in everyday life for weather reporting, temperature measurements in homes, scientific research, and various fields of study. It is the preferred temperature scale in most countries and is the standard unit of temperature in the International System of Units (SI). The Celsius scale aligns with the Kelvin scale, with 0 Kelvin being equivalent to -273.15 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for scientific calculations and conversions.

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